Services Thermal Upgradation

Thermal Testing and Upgradation

Thermal Up gradation services are one of the integral services provided by GTPL Customer Services. The function of cooling towers is to provide cold water to the process. With time, fills and drift eliminator get damaged, nozzles fall or get clogged, distribution system get choked leading to degradation of thermal performance or capability of the cooling tower. GTPL has immense experience in installing cooling tower and servicing them for years. We understand how cooling tower works and why it fails thermally. Accordingly there is a very well established procedure to inspect, analyze and remedy the problems faced by the cooling tower. Cooling tower is inspected by experienced team of engineers who survey the whole cooling tower, take measurement of various critical parameters and present them in well designed sheet. Based on the assessment on site, if problem is small, solutions are suggested on site but if something crucial is to be decided then a detailed analysis is done at head office. There thermal calculations are done and solutions are suggested. A cost benefit analysis is also done for the customer to select the best economic option.

GTPL also suggests whether a new cell of cooling tower is required or existing cooling tower can be upgraded to get required performance.

With years of service experience

GTPL understands when an old cooling tower is not delivering cold water

GTPL understands when the requirement of cooling has increased with plant up gradation

GTPL understands all the requirements of the customer and knows the importance of cold water and all the savings that may come from a sound and working cooling tower.