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Technical Analysis of Testing

GTPL R&D team is involved from the very beginning to assess the requirements of complicated turnkey and refurbishment projects. R&D team in conjunction with proposal engineering team is involved in the understanding, engineering and designing the whole project. Critical technical inputs are provided to create best possible solution. Role of R&D team is worth mentioning for refurbishment and thermal upgradation projects. Data is collected by thermal experts and is analysed by R&D team to create a customized solution. GTPL takes pride in providing customized solution to all our customers.

Cooling Tower Testing:

  • New Cooling Tower Testing-New cooling towers are tested after commissioning to check and assess the cooling capability as defined in the bid document.
  • Old Cooling Tower Testing-Old cooling tower is tested to assess its current capability so that it can analysed and compared with its installed capacity. This is used to pointedly find out appropriate solution. It also helps in taking the decision whether a new cooling tower is required or old one can be successfully used after refurbishment.

Test results from new cooling towers are presented in terms of report as per tender requirements. But test results from old and dilapidated towers are very essential to design thermal solution or a new cooling tower is proposed in place of the existing cooling tower. The test data is matched with the plant load which may have changed over the time due to capacity enhancements. R&D team does this comparison and suggests how thermal upgradation can be done in least possible cost giving value to the customer.

Fan testing:

GTPL recently designed a product range of Axial Flow Cooling Tower fans, which were sent for testing at AMCA certified testing lab AFMA, Singapore .

AMCA is a international HVAC product certifying body .

Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis