Services Customised

GTPL understands that services offered are the litmus test of customers satisfaction. A good service spreads like the fragrance of flower while bad service drives away old as well as new and potential customers. In order to make its services available for all the requirements of all the cooling tower owners GTPL functions on its philosophy of services customized. We know that same size does not fit all and in case of cooling tower, application area and the criticality of the process in which the cooling tower functions defines what kind of services the owner requires. Recognizing this fact GTPL offers a wide range of services which can suit nearly all the requirements cooling tower maintenance. For new cooling towers which fall within Guaranty the services of services department of GTPL is sufficient for complete peace of mind. For old cooling towers GTPL offers thermal testing and upgradation, structural testing and upgradation to make them thermally fit and structurally safe. Cooling tower owners for the complete peace of mind can get annual maintenance contract services where they can get tested services of OEM by trained persons or they can simply purchase the spares off-the-shelf any time.

Whatever the requirement of cooling tower maintenance, GTPL has a solution….

Services department offers its services for all the requirements of cooling tower maintenance. Some of the services offered by GTPL from which a customer can choose based on his requirements may be listed as.

  • Visit, Inspection and detailed report
  • Thermal testing, analysis and detailed report
  • Thermal upgradation and refurbishment
  • Structural, testing, analysis and detailed report
  • Structural upgradation and refurbishment
  • Performance test as per CTI code
  • Sale of spare parts
  • Emergency services
  • Annual Maintenance Contract services
  • Plant upgradation and cooling tower upgradation
  • Small maintenance activities like painting, fill changing, drift eliminator changing etc