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Plant Layout and CFD Analysis

CFD Companies in India, CFD Software in India, Plant Layout and CFD Analysis Computational Fluid Dynamics or CFD is the tool to numerically simulate heat and mass transfer in a given situation. It becomes very important tool in predicting the behavior of cooling tower in extreme conditions and hence helps in the selection of best layout position. Recirculation impacts the behaviour of cooling tower severely and reduces the cooling capacity of the air drastically. R&D team performs CFD analysis for big projects to understand recirculation and interference problem quantitatively.

Cooling tower operation requires that the site should offer uninterrupted flow of inlet air as well as the exit air must not mix with inlet of its own or any other cooling tower. Cooling tower site selection criteria must have wind flow speed, its direction, contour of the place, nearby objects and buildings, heat source, water bodies and its own location. If there are more than one cooling towers then proper study of the orientation with respect to each other should be done to get least interference for all the towers. Wind direction and relative position of different cooling towers also need to be taken into consideration.

All these factors can be judged on qualitative and quantitative basis. Qualitatively some thumb rules and guidelines can be followed. To assess correct impact, quantitative analysis is required which is done by computational tools like Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). By using it, assessment of the impact of a particular site on the cooling tower within it can be done and also compare the performance with other layout options. However as the process is tedious, this is only done for large cooling tower projects where many cooling towers are to be made and their relative orientation is to be fixed for optimum performance.

          CFD Companies in India, CFD Software in India, Plant Layout and CFD Analysis

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