Package Cooling Towers

Package FRP Cooling Towers

Gactel Turnkey Projects Limited offers Packaged FRP cooling towers for application in Air-Conditioning Plants, Paper Mills, Compressors, Chemical Plants, Diesel Generating Sets, Chilling Plants etc. In these cooling towers, the body and structure is made of FRP sheets and members. They are offered in Completely Knocked Down (CKD) Kits which can be assembled easily by the client either under supervision of GTPL or by himself by following accompanying manual. GTPL offers packaged cooling towers for national and international customers.

Packaged cooling towers are designed keeping in mind small cooling requirements. As they are used in small production units where maintenance is not done by a dedicated person for cooling tower so it is our continuous endeavour to make cooling tower as maintenance free as possible. FRP Packaged Cooling Towers offer such a solution, as :

  • FRP materials are plastic based so they are least prone to corrosion.
  • As they are designed to be supplied in complete knocked down kit (CKD), opening and cleaning them is easy hence low maintenance effort .
  • Stainless steel fasteners used for putting the parts are free from corrosion and give long durable life .