Research & Development

Inhouse Equipment Development

Key to any experimentation and testing lies in the accuracy of equipments used. We at GTPL define how the cooling towers are made. In pursuit of the best possible design, GTPL R&D team has developed a variety of equipments which it uses for testing purposes. These equipments are either in house developed or existing equipments available are modified to ensure suitability in cooling tower experimentation. GTPL has customized various types of temperature measuring instruments using RTDs, flow measuring equipments, data logging devices for getting the data in digital format for ease of analysis.

Testing of cooling tower requires many accurate measuring equipments which have been calibrated by approved agencies. These equipments measure various critical parameters like temperature, flow, pressure, level etc to be used in analyzing the performance and generation of test report. Very nature of cooling tower and its testing poses many challenges to the engineer who is testing the cooling tower. Many a times data needs to be collected from different equipments placed at various inaccessible points at the same time for a prolonged duration. To achieve this requirement GTPL has developed multi channel data logger to collect temperature, pressure, flow etc from its various sensors directly to computer.

Cooling Tower testing is a unique process adhering to standards like CTI ATC-105 but each cooling tower is “different”. To achieve effective testing and collection of data, each cooling tower is tested using these inhouse equipments.

Similarly GTPL cooling tower fans are tested at approved agencies to ensure its efficiency.

Temperature Elements
These are temperature sensing device like RTD. It gives electrical signals to be fed in data loggers or display

Pressure Elements
Pressure elements can be of many types. Generally simple pressure gauge is sufficient for testing but in certain challenging jobs, for data logging requirement special pressure sensors are used

Pitot Tube
Pitot tube is used to measure the quantity of water in cooling tower pipes

Flow Meter
It is used to measure volumetric flow rate of fluid.

Psychrometer It is used to measure wet bulb temperature and dry bulb temperature at a point

Data Logger
Data logger is used to collect the data in digitized form after it converts the analog signals coming from various sensors.

Performance Test Design, Development & manufacturing devices.
  • 1.1 to 4.0 meter insertion type Pitot Tube
  • Inverted U – Tube manometers
  • Compact duel split water Seal Stuffing Box for Pitot Tube
  • 16 Channel Data Acquisition System with online monitoring system for 3 point RTD
  • INDIA’s only Customized Development of 32 elements Real Time data Logging air flow equipment
  • Ultra Sonic Flow Meter
  • thermocouple of precise accuracy
  • Ultra Sonic Thickness Gauge
  • Development of digital indicated RTDs for long distance data logging
  • Thermal up-gradation testing
  • Development of Data logging wet bulb indicator using RTD and fan assisted air movement
  • Developed ASHRAE & Kroger equation based Psychometric Program for Inlet air & exit air properties at various altitude