GTPL Value System

GTPL’s Corporate Value System is an essential tool which helps describe what GTPL is and what are its responsibilities towards society at large. The Value System is to serve as guideline, and as the foundation for expressing GTPL’s distinct personality and tone.

In other words, GTPL’s Corporate Value System is the “DNA” of all that we say and do.

Starting with the points in the Value System as “building blocks” does more than just help each and every employee across the organization describe our distinct identity with precision and clarity.  

The GTPL’s brand promise. It all starts here! As GTPL grows and changes, our core principles stay the same. GTPL’s core message – “our brand promise” – conveys those principles in a simple statement:

“GTPL promises to deliver value to it’s customers by creating a committed society of engineers aiming towards advancement and customization of cooling tower solutions and at the same time ensuring the conservation of the environmental resources.”

GTPL Value System

Passion for Perfection and Enthusiasm to Explore:
We are a society of highly motivated engineering professionals that take immense pride in delivering customized cooling solutions. We focus on uncharted avenues and take calculated risks to create internationally recognized offerings and services.  

Society that Respects Individuality: Every living being is a separate and uniquely distinct individual. We recognize and respect this aspect and respond accordingly by giving direction to the individual’s work, hence allowing effective work output.  

Nurture Team Culture and Promote Learning:
We strongly believe that a group effort brings out the best in a cultured organization. At GTPL people understand and believe that thinking, planning, decisions and actions are better when done cooperatively. We value diverse people, ideas, backgrounds and experiences.  

Sensitivity for All Stakeholders: A stakeholder is an individual or organization that is affected by activities of a business. We are an organization that attaches importance to our stakeholders and are responsive to their expectations. We are committed to their trust and strive to continuously improve our services – innovatively and expeditiously.  

Live Integrity and Healthy Business Practices: Each member of GTPL represents the individual personality of the company. We encourage our employees to take decisions and implement business processes, adhering strictly to Ethics, fairness and being correct in all aspects.  

All Actions with One Mission “To Conserve the Precious Environment and Ensuring Safety”: We are a beehive organism that believes in partnering with ‘Nature’. Our offerings are carefully designed to preserve the surrounding environment. GTPL is morally bound to promote environment friendly technology that creates wealth at the same time prevents harm to the natural resources.

I AM GTPL: GTPL is a blend of four key ingredients namely, ‘Grit’, ‘Tenacity’, ‘Perseverance’ and ‘Longevity’. All members of the company believe and practice these tenets; it is our essence of industry growth and success. Our personality, behavior, communication should reflect our brand. It’s not ‘We work for GTPL’, it’s ‘We are GTPL’ or rather everyone from the organization should feel ‘I am GTPL’.