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Engineering Customised

The search of an ideal product for a customer ends on customization. Getting a customized product makes a customer feel empowered. GTPL in line with its slogan “Engineering Customized, Any Shape Any Size” works to provide a truly customized cooling solution. We can provide a customized cooling solution for the whole product life cycle. Not only we offer customized cooling tower in which customer gets all the equipments and systems to cater all the requirements on turnkey basis but also customized services. Some of the customization options that a customer gets can be seen in the web site. Customer can choose from a wide range of services to cater to his services and maintenance requirements. Cooling towers of GTPL are covered by extensive after sales services. There is option of AMC for those who want to run the cooling tower hassle free to get the maximum benefit out of it and there is option of just opting for the emergency services among other options of services. GTPL educates the customer with latest trends in the cooling tower industry. As the cooling tower gets used its performance tends to get reduced due to various unavoidable factors. GTPL offers performance up gradation for such cooling towers. No matter what the requirement is for cooling tower GTPL is there.

GTPL offers a thorough customization option by offering various options in packages, equipments and Material of construction. GTPL believes in “Engineering customized, Any shape Any size (More)  

Services are the hallmark of customer care by GTPL. We offer a large range of services to suit any of your services requirements. GTPL believes that customer is king and offers “Services Customized” (More)