Cooling Tower Emergency Services

Emergency Services

GTPL provides emergency services to customers in which if a cooling tower experiences any failure to cause the cooling tower to shut down or there is possibility of damage if it is run any more. GTPL dispatches a team immediately to cater to such requirements to prevent losses due to reduced or lost capacity.

These services may be characterized in two types of services:

  • After Accident
    • Attending loss, damages happened due to accidents like fire, structural collapse, pipe leakages etc
    • Providing alternative spares
  • Before Accident
    • Attending to those cooling towers which have recently experienced “near miss” situation or accident
    • Those cooling towers which are prone to accident like they have sagging fills under excessive weights, high vibrations
    • Equipments operating or displaying abnormal parameters like gear box over heating, viscosity of oil not appropriate
    • Rotating equipments on damaged bearings
    • Fragile or worn out unbalanced fan blades under operation
    • Cooling towers with old and unreliable foundations
    • Cooling towers having cracked load bearing members like columns, beams etc.
    • Damaged and slippery fan deck, venture, staircases etc.