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Conversion of Timber Cooling Towers to Pultruded FRP

Gactel Turnkey Projects Limited offers conversion of existing timber cooling tower which has outlived its life to Pultruded FRP cooling tower. If the condition of concrete basin and mechanical equipments like fan, gear box, motor, header pipe, riser are in good condition GTPL offers to reuse them again in the new cooling tower.

Pultruded FRP based cooling tower gives a very long life and near maintenance free operation. Unlike timber cooling tower in which water needs to flow all the time through the cooling tower to make it wet, consuming lot of water and pump power, it is absolutely not required in case of Pultruded FRP cooling tower. Thus a lot of saving of water and power makes conversion option extremely lucrative.

Apart from this there are many benefits associated with Pultruded FRP cooling tower. FRP materials can be selected to have desired properties. These materials are factory fabricated so they have high quality with desired properties.

Pultruded FRP based cooling towers have structures having proven Braced Frame Design. These structures are connected to the ground with steel angles and base plates anchored and grouted to the basin. Hardware used at all the places are stainless steel. No piers and pilasters are used in the structure. Frame, Casing, Fan deck, Fan cylinder, staircase, railing, light poles, ladders etc. are all of FRP. Wherever necessary anti skid surfacing is used for safety of Operation and Maintenance personnel.

Some of the advantages of Pultruded FRP as a material of construction for cooling towers in comparison to timber are:

  • Strong and light
  • Easy transportation
  • Easy erection
  • Easy handling hence lesser handling equipment required
  • Accident less site because of lesser weight
  • Non Corrosive
  • Painting not required for surface protection and corrosion
  • Can handle acidic and sea water
  • Does not decay due to fungi, hence more durable
  • Accident less as failure less likely
  • High temperature range for pipes of FRP
  • Not prone to alternate wet and dry condition as in timber cooling tower
  • Flame retardant-can be used in refinery, petrochemical, power plant and other hazardous areas
  • Long life span hence customer satisfaction