Concrete Cooling Tower (without civil works)

GTPL offers concrete cooling towers in which the civil structure is built by the customer and all mechanical assembly including fill, fan, motor, gear box, distribution system and small amount of piping, electrical, necessary instrumentation etc. is done by GTPL. GTPL does engineering of the cooling tower structures and provides necessary drawings to the client to help construct the structure. GTPL also provides construction supervision for construction of cooling tower structure by sending its supervisors to the site where they provide critical inputs for successful and timely completion. This methodology is followed for small RCC cooling tower in small process industries like sugar, chemical, plastic, cement etc. Here it is economical to construct the cooling tower structure if it is done by client.

GTPL provides cooling tower component erection of small concrete cooling tower. These components include fan, fan blades, gear box, drive shaft, motor. Fill and drift eliminator are also erected in the cooling tower. Installation of distribution system using PVC pipes, puddles, end cap and coupler is done to ensure uniform distribution of water over the fills. Low pressure nozzles are offered to have effective splash of water. Fan motor cable, instrument cable, lighting arrangement may also be done by GTPL if it is in the scope. Cooling tower mechanical assembly is erected and commissioned . Performance guarantee test is done to validate the thermal performance of the cooling tower.

Generally the scope of supply and erection is as follows :-

Mechanical Assembly

  • Fan
  • Gear Box
  • Electric Motor
  • Drive Shaft and its guards
  • Oil lubricating system

Tower Internals

  • Drift Eliminators
  • MS HDG Walkway
  • Access hatch
  • PVC lateral pipes and fittings
  • Nozzles
  • Fill


  • MS HDG puddle pipe
  • Riser pipe and butterfly valve on it
  • Header

Basin Fittings

  • CI Sluice Gates, Frame and guide with lifting arrangement
  • SS 304 coarse and fine screen with MS HDG frame and CI Guides
  • Drain Valve


  • AC TEFC squirrel cage
  • Lightening Protection
  • Control Interconnecting cable
  • LPBS
  • Junction box


  • Independent Oil level switch
  • Independent vibration switch
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Temperature Gauge


  • MSHDG ladder and hand rails
  • Chain Pulley Block