Annual Maintenance Contract

GTPL understands that the responsibilities does not end but start after the commissioning of the cooling tower. In line with this thinking GTPL offers annual maintenance contract. Not only this, the products of GTPL come with a promise of unmatched quality which offers complete peace of mind to the owner.

GTPL provides annual maintenance services for complete upkeep and smooth running of the cooling tower. GTPL offers two supervisors who help the preventive maintenance team at the plant site itself to run the cooling tower and under their guidance maintenance activity is done. Thus the expertise of OEM in running the plant is available for the whole year.

Apart from this GTPL also offers yearly overhauling of cooling tower in which whole cooling tower is inspected for possible problems. All such problems which were identified during preventive maintenance schedule and collected in the plant log are also taken up to be rectified.

Customers having annual maintenance contract are also provided with updates on recent developments in cooling towers and how it can benefit them. Service personnels deputed by GTPL always keep track of essential spares and keep the cooling tower in the best of running condition. It is not a surprise that GTPL is one of the leading players in cooling tower industry and the testimony of the customers stands with GTPL.