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Gactel Turnkey Projects Limited.

Gactel Turnkey Projects Limited is a Gammon Group Company. It was constituted to cater specifically to National and International requirements of Cooling Towers and Cooling systems. The Company has the technical expertise and financial back-up by Gammon India Limited.

Gactel Turnkey Projects Limited also offers Customized Cooling Solutions based on specific application of its clients. We have an in-house team of experienced professionals in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Vadodara with diverse background in Thermal, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Instrumentation, Electrical and Civil Structural Engineering and having the required expertise in Cooling Tower Technology to study the client’s application and propose an optimized and cost-effective solution.

News & Updates

Products & Services


Concrete Cooling Towers.

GTPL offers Concrete Cooling Towers and cooling systems on EPC/LSTK basis. GTPL also offers concrete cooling tower and cooling systems wherein construction is in the scope of the client. Proprietary thermal sizing softwares, in house team of more than 100 engineers from disciplines, owned construction equipments ensure quality offerings within time, backed by services second to none.


Pultruted FRP Cooling Towers.

GTPL offers Pultruded FRP , steel, and package FRP cooling towers for chemical , captive power plants, sugar plants, HVAC, DG sets, steel plants etc. Packaged FRP and steel cooling towers can be supplied in factory assembled or CKD conditions to suit your requirement. Pultruded FRP Cooling Towers are ideally suitable for corrosive water and can be delivered in a short duration to meet your project deadlines.


Dry Cooling

GTPL Business Group ‘Dry Cooling’ is an extension of our pursuit to render the best-in-class solutions to all stakeholders with prompt consideration. Considering the present socio-enviro scenario where there is constant depletion of water and other resources, there is a drift towards selecting technology which will not only offer value for money but help sustain our resources in present and future.


Conversion of Timber Cooling Towers into Pultruded FRP

Gactel Turnkey Projects Limited offers conversion of timber cooling tower to Pultruded FRP cooling tower. GTPL in line with its operating philosophy of giving the best value for money builds the cooling tower over the existing basin and utilizes all the working mechanical components extracted from dismantled timber cooling tower. Pultruded FRP cooling tower has more strength than timber cooling tower and lasts much longer than it.


Customer Service

At GTPL we strive to be prominent provider of Cooling Tower spares and Cooling tower repair and maintenance services to our valued customers. 75 years of cooling towers experience has given us expertise to accurately inspect and repair any type of cooling tower with minimum shut downs. Getting inadequate vacuum, high vibrations, mechanical failure, structural instabilities and deterioration, high drift losses, abnormal noise etc., you can depend on us for guaranteed and proven solutions.